Everyday notebook A5 Blank Cosmo Air Light Paper - 288 pag.

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Dit schitterende notebook van Cosmo Air Light Papier bevat maar liefst 288 pagina's, De A5 formaat formaat journal heeft blanco pagina's. en wordt geleverd in een magnetisch sluitbare kartonnen cover.

Merk: Galen Leather-Cosmo Air Light
Met extra: Vel blotterpapier, onderlegger ruitjes en onderlegger lijntjes
Kleur papier: Wit / Blank

Introducing our new bound blank notebook in A5 size. It features the stunning fountain pen-friendly Cosmo Air Light Paper-75gsm. Produced by Japanese Nippon paper company. This blank journal is perfect as a standalone travel notebook for recording all your special memories and ideas, or as a refill for Leather Notebook Covers and A5 journal covers. It's quite possibly one of the best journals for fountain pens.

The specially crafted black A5 size notebook is made of Cosmo Air Light Paper-75gsm paper, known as the new popular fountain pen-friendly paper. Each notebook contains 300 pages and is hand-bound with traditional bookbinding techniques. If you're looking for a stylish blank page notebook, then this is the one for you. You can even choose the leather color of your choice including the ever-popular, timeless, and stylish black journal. This 300-page journal pairs so beautifully with our stylish black leather notebook cover.SPECS

Completely flat-lay
Comes in magnetic closure cardboard box.

Blank paper
144 sheets (288 pages)
Includes grid and lined guides
Includes blotter (also can be used as a writing mat for comfortable writing)
145 x 210 mm (5,70 x 8,26 inches)
This is a 75 gsm Japanese paper. It has been on the agenda of the fountain pen world (and our's) for a while. This is the most sheen and shading we have ever seen. Here's a detailed review of the CAL paper.

Feedback is available while writing, as its surface is not as covered as the Tomoe river, Rhodia, etc. The paper isn’t slick like Tomoe River either. Instead, it has just enough texture that you don’t feel like your pen is ice-skating over the surface. But still, it provides a smooth writing experience. Your text is a click thicker but there's no bleeding and minimal ghosting. The colors are very vibrant. The drying time is a bit longer. I personally think it's especially suitable for applications such as a journal, watercolor, etc.

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