Porseleinstift 2 mm Goud - Rico Design

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Versier je borden, glazen en andere items (met soortgelijke structuren) met deze viltstift voor porselein en keramiek van Rico Design! 

Deze pen kun je zeer nauwkeurig prachtige patronen maken! 

Viltstift op water basis. 
Geschikt voor: porselien, keramiek en glas.
Penpunt diameter: 2 mm

lean up your support.
- Shake during 1 or 2 minutes you felt pen then press the tip a few times ( 8 to 10 times) until the colour shows. 
- Draw your pattern, you can write a surname, a quotation, a zen message too.
- Let it dry 1 to 2 hours.
- Put the item in the oven for a 160° C baking for 90 minutes. 
Mistakes can be corrected before the baking by erasing them with a window cleaner or with a wet sponge. 
After being baked in oven, it can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning.  
Creative idea : Customize your Christmas table, your decoration for parties, birthdays... 

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